April 6, 2020

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F U L L C O N T E N T S O N PA G E 4 F O C U S 22 Hello, second act Investors are using retirement accounts to finance "second act" careers. 17 CEOs respond In the age of COVID-19, banks and their CEOs have had to respond quickly. B A N K I N G / F I N A N C E / I N S U R A N C E P H O T O / J I M N E U G E R Tara Jenkins Tara Jenkins, founder of , founder of the the Portland Conscious Portland Conscious Capitalism Community Capitalism Community, , leading one of the group's leading one of the group's monthly meetings, at monthly meetings, at Rising Tide Brewing Co. Rising Tide Brewing Co., , in March, just before in March, just before "social distancing" became "social distancing" became commonplace. commonplace. Maine financial firms join growing 'conscious capitalism' movement F O C U S B A N K I N G / F I N A N C E / I N S U R A N C E BUSINESS with a purpose S T A R T I N G O N P A G E 1 4 B y R e n e e C o r d e s $2.00 April 6, 2020 VO L . X X V I N O. V I I

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