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B U S I N E S S P RO F I L E S 68 B U S I N E S S P R O F I L E S S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G S E C T I O N M o s t p e o p l e t a k e f o r g r a n t e d those flyers that come in the mail—the ones that offer discounts and coupons from stores in their area. e flyers actually come courtesy of Target Marketing Maine in Rockland, Maine's largest Shared Mail program. e program reaches almost every home in Maine every week at only pennies per household for mailing, with one-stop shopping and turnkey pricing for graphic design, printing, and distribution. Target Marketing Maine is about people — the businesses seeking to communicate with consumers and the consumers who benefit from sales and promotions. TMM provides the perfect vehicle to make those connections possible. Success stories • Before using Target Marketing Maine's Shared Mail Program, one client focused on newsletter mailings to its current customer base, ads in a few industry-related publications, and sporadic newspaper/radio advertising in its local market. After just one Shared Mailing, the client found the program worked far better, reaching both established and new customers in their market. e client further leveraged the program by referencing the newsletter on their Shared Mail piece, resulting in a substantial increase in newsletter requests. Shared Mail is now part of the client's annual marketing plan. • A multi-location auto service dealer, looking to boost sales, contacted TMM about developing a quarterly mailing for all locations in Maine. Success came immediately, in the first two mailings, prompting the chain to increase its mailing frequency from once per quarter to once per month. e results? One location had 83 coupons redeemed which resulted in 31 new customers. On average, each location had at least 40 coupons redeemed at the time of the initial mailing. • A southern Maine pizza store participated in the Shared Mail program for the first time during a slow period in early December. After the mailing dropped, the location set record sales for one weekend. As compared to other marketing in their arsenal, shared mail by far provided them the best response. And their comment cards repeatedly said that customers wanted to see coupons on a regular basis. Target Marketing Maine P H O T O B Y D AV E C L O U G H Delivering the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT time Target Marketing Maine 120 Tillson Ave., Suite 205, Rockland 04841 Advertising/Marketing Services Keith Klein, General Manager Founded: 1992 54 employees The team at Target Marketing Maine.

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