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June 12, 2017

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Visit ngrid.com/save to learn more about how to take control over energy-related costs. Mitigate high energy bills Inefficient lighting, HVAC, and operational equipment can surprise you with an unexpectedly high bill at the wrong time. Upgrading to high-efficiency alternatives not only will reduce a business' energy usage by 10% on average, but will concurrently save money and reduce spikes in energy bills, making budgeting more successful. Reduce unanticipated equipment maintenance On average, 5% of production time is lost to unplanned shutdowns due to equipment failure. Energy-efficient equipment doesn't work as hard, because it uses less energy to operate. The result is less failure, less maintenance, and less downtime. Reduce safety incidents Poor lighting and/or faulty HVAC systems increase the risk for on-the-job accidents. Upgrading to new energy- efficient systems increases visibility, security, and comfort, which provides a safer working environment for employees. Increase employee retention Replacing employees costs a business both time and money and can lead to unplanned job vacancies. According to a study, 21% of business owners report that increasing their facility's efficiency led to higher employee morale and reduced turnover. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is preparing for the unexpected. Uncertainty can take many forms, and all can pose a great risk to a business. While some events, such as swings in the economy, changes in regulations, and a moving political landscape, are beyond the scope of control for most businesses, there are other areas of risk where business preparedness can mitigate an unforeseen event and the financial burden that comes with it. One area in which businesses can exercise control is their energy usage. Four Ways Energy Efficiency Helps Businesses Mitigate the Burden of Unexpected Maintenance and Costs Energy efficiency initiatives such as the installation of high-efficiency lighting, HVAC, and operational equipment systems are an excellent way to regain control over some of the unexpected costs to a business. Here are some ways that implementing energy-efficient systems can help your business experience a smoother ride for the long haul. A D V E RT I S E M E N T National Grid is a proud sponsor of Mass Save.

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