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W W W. M A I N E B I Z . B I Z 13 M A R C H 6 , 2 0 2 3 S TA R T U P S F O C U S Origin ORPC was founded in Florida in 2004 by cruise ship executive Paul Wells, John Cooper and Chris Sauer, whose careers focused on developing and operating cogeneration and inde- pendent power projects. e goal? Build a technology to harness the power of moving water – rivers, ocean currents and tidal streams – without impeding flow or hurting marine life. In 2006, a cooperative research and development agreement with the U.S. Navy led to the adoption of ORPC's turbine generator unit design concept. In 2007, ORPC opened offices in Eastport and Portland, then launched a prototype demonstration in Cob- scook Bay and Eastport's Western Passage to prove the technical fea- sibility of its turbine generator unit. ORPC later deployed its RivGen Power System as a pilot project in Igiugig. at project made ORPC the only company worldwide to have built, operated and delivered power to a remote community grid from the renewable river project at Igiugig and to a utility grid from a pilot renew- able tidal energy project in Eastport. In 2019, ORPC unveiled a com- mercial river-power generation system. C O N T I N U E D O N F O L L OW I N G PA G E » P H O T O / F R E D F I E L D Benjamin Winn with a RivGen crossflow turbine at the Ocean Renewable Power Co. facility at TechPlace in Brunswick. He is a mechanical engineer with the firm. Ocean Renewable Power Co. / Portland Founded: 2004 Founders: Paul Wells, John Cooper, Chris Sauer What it does: Renewable energy Workforce: 38 Funding: Grants, seed loans, friends and family, angel investors, private equity, public sector R&D funds

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