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Whatever stage your business is in, Pierce Atwood can help you identify and navigate the many resources available to help your Maine business grow and thrive. Whether you're looking to access grants, loans, or equity investments, seeking to join an incubator or accelerator, or in the process of establishing responsible business practices, our experienced Catalyst team can help. Services we o•er include: • Employee inventions, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements • Equity incentive plans and awards • Shareholder agreements • Technology licensing • Structuring, negotiation, and documentation of angel and early and late stage venture capital nancings • Buying and leasing commercial real estate • Protecting patents and trademarks We help our small business clients keep sight of not only the important issues of the moment, but also what will be important in the next stage – and beyond. By taking this long-range view, Pierce Atwood lays a foundation for our clients' long-term success. For more information, please contact us at •••.•• . -€ or Need help geing your new project o the ground? Pierce Atwood. There's a reason... M E R R I L L' S W H A R F Œ Ž ' C O M M E R C I A L S T R E E T P O R T L A N D , M E – ' — – — P I E R C E AT W O O D . C O M

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