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S P R I N G 2 0 2 2 / W O R K F O R M E 41 H o w T o Hotels, restaurants and event spaces will continue to be at the heart of of Maine's tourism and conference businesses. With training, there is a wide range of careers available. S TA RT I N G O N T H E N E X T PAG E ยป 4 2 Kitchen skills build confidence A nonprofit offers training for restaurant jobs RETAIL H O S P I TA L I T Y / value and purpose? What are reasonable expectations and standards? Employee opportunity. Your goal: Employees will know of opportuni- ties and advancement possibilities by Oct. 31. Your objectives might be: 1. Employees are aware of opportunities. 2. Employees have opportunities to lead. 3. Employees have flexibility about where and when they work The questions: Who creates opportunities? Who commu- nicates opportunities? Who gets the oppor- tunities? How do you ensure that everyone has the information? How do you compare employees' effectiveness when they work at different times? How do you ensure ac- cess to opportunities are inclusive? What leadership model should you follow? What are the appropriate measures of effective- ness? When should leadership roles change? Employee compensation. Your goal: Information, flexibility, time and dollars will be currencies here by Nov. 30. Employees: 1. Share information, both successes and challenges. 2. May decide how to manage time away and, in the office. 3. Have compensation options. 4. Have uninterrupted time to work. 5. Rethink meetings for purpose Related questions: What information should be shared so that everyone understands the big picture? What activities can only happen in an office setting? What compensation options do employees value? How do you distribute information? When should employees be able to divide their work time in and out of the office? An ever-changing workplace. Workplaces change, and always will. The Great Resignation has created both problems and opportunities, and both require a strategy that makes your workplace more human and attractive to your present and future employees. They are your best resource in making that happen. To gain a competitive advantage embrace the change and act now. n

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