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W W W. M A I N E B I Z . B I Z 3 G I V I N G G U I D E 2 0 21– 2 0 2 2 S:12.5" T:12.5" B:12.5" A vested interest in making communities happier and healthier Trust. Collaboration. Compassion. Resilience. ese words are the common threads that make up the DNA of Maine's nonprofit community, and they've never been more important than over the past year and a half. As a local, not-for-profit health insurance provider, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care pro- vides health benefits to more Maine businesses than any other health insurance provider in the state, according to a Maine Department of Insurance report. We understand what it takes to operate nonprofit organizations like yours, and we've also seen the strain COVID-19 has put on nonprofits throughout the state. Our health plans are crafted to meet the needs of Mainers and we've offered enhanced benefits to address increased health care demands. But our call to action goes beyond insurance coverage because we understand the value a healthy workforce brings to your business. As your neighbor, Harvard Pilgrim has a vested interest in making sure communities throughout Maine are happier and healthier. is has been especially vital throughout the pandemic. Over the past year, Harvard Pilgrim has provided free, virtual well-being classes and educational webinars, to support the physical and emotional well-being of our state. In the past 18 months, the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation responded to the pandemic with support to our most vulnerable neighbors during these challenging times, including more than $2 million in financial grants to more than 100 Maine nonprofits. One of the most impactful initiatives we've been involved with is the COVID-19 Relief Meal Delivery Project. In March 2020, our Foundation partnered with Cooking for Community and the YMCA of Southern Maine, providing $240,000 in funds to deliver hot, healthy meals to hundreds of families in the greater Portland area. is outreach helped feed thousands of people, but also provided local restaurants the opportunity to hire people back to work who were impacted by COVID-19 closures. More than a year later, Cooking for Community is still going strong. is is a perfect example of how we can have the highest impact on the community by working together. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic started, Harvard Pilgrim was there for you, and we'll continue to be there in the future. But it's during the toughest times we are reminded of how important it is to look out for each other, and to take care of those who need it the most. Harvard Pilgrim is proud to be your trusted local partner in Maine. And I'm honored to work for a local not-for-profit company that is committed to improving the quality of life throughout my home state. Bill Whitmore Vice President Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Go with the right specialist for investment advisory services In 2012, I was serving on three major investment committees in Maine and met with the Libra Foundation to discuss the real need for special- ized investment advisory services for Maine's smaller nonprofit institutions. While serving on the investment committees of Maine Medical Center, the Portland Museum of Art, and the University of Maine System, I saw firsthand the difference a dedicated institutional endowment advisor made versus those institu- tions that were dependent on retail wealth management advisors. All three insti- tutions enjoyed in-depth and specialized advisory services aimed directly at their specific investment needs and it really made a difference for them! Harpswell was created explicitly to bring this custom level of endowment advisory service to Maine's nonprofit institutions. While we have since expanded to serve clients across the United States, from Oregon to Florida, we feel fortunate to have such a great niche where we can offer endowment advisory services to a world-class roster of nonprofits all while seeing Harpswell's impact on their missions. Harpswell's goal was to combine the level of focused endowment advisory service that the large endowments experience with the civic mantra I saw firsthand at Vanguard. Prior to starting Harpswell, I left a prominent job at a hedge fund to join Vanguard because I was and still passionate about everything Vanguard stood for. After rising to the ranks of Principal, I left to start Harpswell and we too share their relentless commitment to being aligned with the best interests of all the investors they serve. Wealth management is a retail consumer centric business; endowment management is an entirely different beast aimed at serving institutions like foundations and other nonprofits. Far too often nonprofit institutions settle for having a "wealth" advisor help them with their investments. For us, this is analogous to having your automobile mechanic build your house or better yet having your podiatrist put braces on your kids' teeth. While both the auto mechanic and podiatrist may very well be talented professionals, their expertise lies elsewhere. Harpswell feels carpenters are best for building houses, orthodontists are the "go-to" for braces, and a dedicated endowment advisor is best equipped to serve the investment needs of nonprofit institutions. is is one area that it is not worth settling for a second-tier option. Since Harpswell's genesis, the firm has carved out a niche and we love our narrow focus on serving nonprofit institutions. As the years go by, our depth and resources grow with us, and we are convinced this translates into being a better partner for the nonprofits we serve. We have the luxury of choosing to work with those institutions where we see the greatest impact and the best fit. We would invite you to reach out to explore how working with a dedicated endowment advisor can impact your successes and your mission. Finally, Harpswell would like to thank Mainebiz for annually publishing this valuable source of information on Maine's nonprofits, and we would like to recognize the great work the Maine Association of Nonprofits does as an advocate for all 7,172 of Maine's nonprofits. ank you both! Jack Moore Managing Partner Harpswell Capital Advisors S U P P O R T I N G M A I N E N O N P RO F I T S FROM THE GIVING GUIDE SPONSOR FROM THE GIVING GUIDE SPONSOR The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation responded to the pandemic with more than $2 million in financial grants to more than 100 Maine nonprofits. Far too often nonprofit institutions settle for having a 'wealth' advisor help them with their investments.

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