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n e w h a v e n b i z . c o m | S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 1 | n e w h a v e n B I Z 15 REIMAGINE YOUR FUTURE With a graduate degree from the Welch College of Business & Technology Enroll now for Spring 2021 MASTERS DEGREES ● Master of Business Administration (MBA) ● Accounting (M.S.) ● Business Analytics (M.S.) ● Computer Science & Information Technology (M.S.) ● Cybersecurity (M.S.) ● Digital Marketing (M.S.) ● Cybersecurity (M.S.) ● Digital Marketing (M.S.) ability to navigate the vastly different cultures of a large university, the scientific community, venture world, and government. Even when there were setbacks over the years, he said Soderstrom never lost sight of the big picture. at kind of persistence is crucial in the bioscience arena, where failures are frequent and successes can take decades to materialize, Nemerson said. "You need somebody like Jon who can keep fighting, keep building and keep brushing off the disappointments." Soderstrom said the payoff comes when his team can share in the victories, such as joining companies on the stock exchange floor when they go public, or watching a drug that began in a Yale lab become a blockbuster that helps real people. "at's pretty exciting stuff. It'll keep you going for a while," he said. Soderstrom will remain at Yale in an advisory role through the end of the year while the university conducts a national search for his successor. And aer that? Soderstrom said he isn't sure, but he plans to remain engaged in New Haven's biotech scene in some capacity. One project he'll continue to keep tabs on is a new Yale-backed BioLabs incubator set to open in the new bioscience building under construction at 101 College St. Soderstrom said he feels personally invested in making sure it becomes an industry model. As for the industry itself, he predicts more big headlines are ahead. "We've always talked about being at that inflection point where it's going to have amazing, exponential growth. And I think that we're there. We're at the point now where it's sustainable," said Soderstrom. "In all my years here this is the best it's ever been. We need to capture [the opportunity]. We can't let it get away from us." n Soderstrom talks during a Yale School of Management event. "We would not have the industry we have today without Jon [Soderstrom] Dawn Hocevar CEO, BioCT

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