February 22, 2021

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W W W. M A I N E B I Z . B I Z 3 F E B R UA R Y 2 2 , 2 0 2 1 V I E W P O I N T S From the Editor W ealth management and retirement typically garner thoughts of investment portfolios, 401(k) plans and IRAs. But, as this issue illustrates, investments in Maine also include real estate and even art collection. As Renee Cordes reports in our cover story, even amid a pandemic year, money continued to flow into art investment. She talks with a range of gallery owners and investors, who are investing in works ranging from $200 to $90,000 and more. See "Picture this" on Page 10. Another investment vehicle that's gained notice in recent years is the 1031 tax exchange, which allows real estate investors to buy and sell proper- ties without onerous capital gains taxes. But, as Maureen Milliken reports, the 1031 provision, so named for its IRS code, faces elimination. See "Is 1031 all done?" on Page 16. For the average person in a retirement plan, the past year has been a time of uncertainty. Laurie Schreiber checks in with financial advi- sors to see how the gameplan for later years has changed. See "Retirement planning through the pandemic" on Page 14. A note on our list of the largest Maine-based Registered Investment Advisors (on Page 22). In response to complaints we've received in the past years, as the title indicates, this year's list is limited to Maine-based Registered Investment Advisors. Some names you've seen in past year's lists are not included this year, though the top two firms — both based in Maine — have not changed. Peter Van Allen Featured @ For a daily digest of Maine's top business news, sign up for the Mainebiz Daily Report at Get Maine's business news daily at and on Twitter (@Mainebiz). Below is our most popular content for the two weeks from Feb. 1–14. 1. Maine's 2020 top 10 'hottest towns' for home sales reflect the year's shake-up 2. TD Bank to close 3 Maine branches as part of 15-state streamlining 3. New owners of vintage Bar Harbor B&B to add wellness retreat 4. Atlas Van Lines report shows Maine has the No. 3 'inbound' rate of moves 5. Biocarbon processing plant plans to locate at East Millinocket mill site 6. Bank expansion heats up, and Chase's Maine rollout isn't the only game in town 7. Maine airports gear up for summer season with added routes 8. Mills proposes compromise plan for taxing PPP business loans 9. Commercial development in 2021: From retail reboots to 'ghost' kitchens, here's what's trending 10. Maine companies score high in LGBTQ workplace equality index P H O T O / C O U R T E S Y O F P O R T S M O U T H N AVA L S H I P YA R D 1 Be valued. BE SHUR. We're lawyers in the business of your success. 'Investment' taking different forms in Maine As this issue illustrates, investments in Maine also include real estate and even art collection.

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