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V O L . X X V I N O. X V I 200 200 IDEAS FOR MAINE'S BICENTENNIAL 44 Fact Book / Doing Business in Maine P H O T O / C H R I S VA N D U S E N . C O M 3 1 The giant chocolate moose at Len Libby Chocolate in Scarborough. Ski resorts transformed the economy of western Maine. Giant sculptures around Maine: Paul Bunyan in Bangor, the giant blueberry Downeast, the Big Indian in Freeport, giant L.L.Bean boot in Freeport, the giant globe, Eartha, at the DeLorme headquar- ters in Yarmouth. The Maine Maritime Museum displays an interpretative sculpture of the Wyoming, Maine's largest wooden vessel. 2 The adaptation of Scarborough Downs to the Downs, a mixed-use community that will have housing, retail and light-industrial space. Baxter State Park includes Maine's high- est mountain, Katahdin. Portland's Sea Dogs Double-A Red Sox affiliate and the Red Claws, the Celtics' G-League affiliate provide etertaining minor-league ball 3 Chris Van Dusen's Midcoast- centered children's books, include "A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee" and "The Circus Ship," a reinterpretation of the sinking of the Royal Tar, a ship loaded with circus animals. 4 Maine's windjammer fleets introduce visitors to the islands and lore of Penobscot Bay. "Silent Spring," which helped lead to the banning of the chemical DDT, was written by a Boothbay summer resi- dent, Rachel Carson. Today, the legacy is the frequent sightings of bald eagles along Maine waters. Dr. Stephen Kress raises awareness about endangered puffins, and "puffin tour" boats crop up to circle Eastern Egg Island. Kress, who retired recently, was also fea- tured on Puffins cereal boxes. Rockland's lime industry takes off after American Revolution. Lime kilns burned day and night. 5 Stephen King, the Maine-born author who has written more than 60 books and collections, sold more than 350 million copies and spawned movies like "Stand By Me," "The Shining" and "Shawshank Redemption." One of North America's oldest surviving human-built structures is the Paleo-Indian meat cache, now on display in the Maine State Museum in Augusta, but found in the Magalloway River valley in western Maine. Paleo-Indians stored caribou meat in the circle of stones to keep it safe from other animals. P H O T O / A M Y M E R E D I T H , F L I C K R R E N D E R I N G / C O U R T E S Y O F C A L E B J O H N S O N S T U D I O 2 1 P H O T O / P E T E R VA N A L L E N 4 5

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