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December 10, 2018 — Health Care Heroes

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Box 330, Congers, NY 10920-9894 www.copyright.com HartfordBusiness.com (860) 236-9998 Moving on up "I look forward to achieving the governor-elect's vision for a budget and policy plan that addresses Connecticut's fiscal crisis, spreads out economic opportunity and helps grow Connecticut's middle class." City of Hartford finance chief Melissa McCaw on her new appointment as the budget director for Gov.-elect Ned Lamont. Terri Slack | Vice President and Senior Project Manager, CDM Smith By Sean Teehan steehan@hartfordbusiness.com T he issue of Connecticut's deteriorating highways and bridges and the possibility of installing tolls were front and center during this year's gubernatorial election. It's also an issue Terri Slack knows a thing or two about. Slack is a national tolling expert who recently joined engineering and construc- tion firm CDM Smith in Hartford as vice president and senior project manager. Her firm made headlines recently publishing a study that concluded Connecticut could reap as much as $1 billion in annual rev- enues if it adopted statewide highways tolls. She previously worked as a program manager for Jacobs Engineering, which served as a gener- al toll consultant for Washington state's Depart- ment of Transportation, among other jobs. After spending much of her career focused on highway issues, Slack says transportation is the heart of any government's economic engine. You have worked on highway issues (including tolling) in several states. How does the situation in Connecticut compare with other states where you've worked? One thing we all learned, and which I believe Connecticut is experiencing, is implementing a toll program is complex. Whether tolling is in the startup phase as in Con- necticut, or in a mature phase, such as Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc., every agency addresses similar issues. Mature agencies are working to become more ef- ficient by taking advantage of innovative technology — e.g. gated systems have been replaced with open road toll systems. Whether agencies are wrestling with policy issues or operational issues, I have found one thing in common: Everyone wants to do good for the toll customer. How can highway infrastructure policy affect businesses in Connecticut? Transportation and highway infrastructure policies and funding affect business in Connecti- cut in many ways. The health of our economy depends on the sys- tem's ability to move people and goods efficiently and cost effectively. If an employee is stuck in traffic, day in and day out, making them late to work, that affects their job performance, thus threatening their employment status. If a business is located where traffic, especially accident-inducing traffic, can make it too dif- ficult to reach, that business suffers. The more difficult our transportation system makes it for people to travel safely and efficiently, and deliver the state's commerce, the more Con- necticut's economy suffers. VERBATIM East Coast tech hub "This is the start of an era for Connecticut where we do believe that this can actually become a tech hub of the East Coast, and we think we can lead that process." Infosys President Ravi Kumar on the IT giant's new Hartford tech hub, which recently opened in downtown Hartford. 860.871.1111 Toll Free: 800.741.6367 nemsi.com License #'s: E1-104939 • S1-302974 • P1-203519 • F1-10498 • SM1-192 • MC-1134 MECHANICAL • ELECTRICAL • PLUMBING • SHEET METAL • BUILDING AUTOMATION • FACILITIES SERVICES FACILITY SOLUTIONS…ONE SOURCE The company that builds and installs the critical systems in virtually every type of facility is the same company you can rely on to maintain them. For over 50 years, our clients have trusted us to deliver end-to-end facilities solutions, so they can focus on their core business. We design, install, maintain, and protect systems in: Industrial Facilities Manufacturing Facilities Commercial Facilities Higher Education Facilities Healthcare Facilities Pharmaceutical Facilities Terri Slack

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