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28 n e w h a v e n B I Z | N o v e m b e r / D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 8 n e w h a v e n b i z . c o m F O C U S | H e a l t h & W e l l n e s s Natural wellness practitioners find a fervent following By Holly LaPrade I n a society that oen turns to traditional methods of medicine and treatment, the "road less traveled" may look more appealing for those seeking natural forms of healing and relief. Debra Anastasio was personally introduced to the world of natural wellness aer she had been suffering from a relentless sinus infection. She was given one small vial of a homeopathic remedy and shortly thereaer was relieved of all of the symptoms that she was experiencing. "Every infection le me," Anastasio recalls. "It was just that remarkable. It got my attention, needless to say." e experience represented a major turning point for Anastasio, who subsequently decided to enroll in medical school and now serves as clinical director of New England Naturopathic Center in Cheshire. Established by Anastasio in 2001, the practice provides naturopathic medicine, organic derma- tology and natural fertility care to men, women and children throughout New England and the metro New York area. Before opening her practice, Anastasio had been employed as an oncology nurse. It was in this environment that she witnessed firsthand the many debilitating side effects and struggles of cancer patients receiving traditional forms of treatment. It was from that point that Anastasio's long- standing interest in holistic health and wellness truly blossomed. She embraced a profound belief in the promise of "something other than toxic chemotherapy," and chose to pursue a career that would allow her to deliver that option to her patients. "Medicine can temporarily make a symptom go away, but it doesn't address the cause," An- astasio says. "In my office, we have to figure out what started it. It isn't just, 'Here's your bottle and you'll feel better in three days.'" Karen M. Obier, a wellness practitioner who strongly believes in the benefits of natural therapeutic treatment, concurs with Anastasio's philosophy. Channeling Energies Obier is the owner of Inner Harmony Holistic Wellness and has been in business for the past 12 years. She offers reflexology and energy therapy

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